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7453 Yellow 53


Color Description

Pigment Yellow 53–Nickel Antimony Titanium Yellow

Mason Color 7453, a high-performance nickel antimony titanate based pigment, is designed to provide outstanding heat resistance, chemical stability and outdoor durability. This mixed metal oxide pigment meets the demanding performance requirements of the military,aerospace and architectural industries.  Mason Color 745 3is recommended for all coating formulations requiring the ultimate in chemical, heat and UV durability.

CAS # 8007-18-9
CI Color:PY 53
Typical Properties:
Specific Gravity: 4.6
Oil Absorption: 18
pH: 7.0
% Retained on 325 Mesh: <0.1%
Crystal Structure: Rutile
Heat Stability: >800°C
Weatherability: Excellent
Acid Resistance: Excellent
Alkali Resistance: Excellent

1:4 Color

CI Pigment Yellow 53

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Architectural finishes
Coil coatings
Cool coatings
Exhaust parts
High solids coatings
Military topcoats
Powder coatings
Roofing materials
UV-curable coatings

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