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Pool Colors

Inorganic Pool Colors

Mason Color Works’ line of inorganic pool colors have been formulated and prepared to help provide your pool system with stability, high tint strength and the ability to mix easily into many standard pool plaster systems. Our pool colors have been tested under heavy alkaline and acidic conditions with superb results. They have withstood weathering conditions performed under ASTM D-4587 and corrosion conditions performed under ASTM B-117. Mason Pool Colors will allow you to prepare pool and spa plaster mixes, decking systems and pool paints that will stand the test of time.

The color chips shown in the color chart below were prepared with a plaster formula of 60 parts quartz aggregate and 40 parts white Portland cement. They have been shown wet to represent underwater conditions. Mason Color understands the difference between physical appearance and computer-generated images. We are prepared to send you samples of any color for testing prior to onsite usage. Our experienced technicians will help you choose what works best, including customizing your own unique color using various combinations displayed in the catalogue. Since many variables can occur in basic plaster raw materials, actual results may differ from those shown in our color chart. No guarantee or warranty is expressed or implied.


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