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News 3451

News 3451

June 17, 2021


Dear Valued Customer,

As you know, Mason Color Works, Inc. has kept steady prices with few increases for many years. Unfortunately, many of our key raw materials for our pigments have increased suddenly and rapidly. These include Cobalt Oxide, Tin Oxide, Chromium Oxide, Nickel Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, to name a few. We are also experiencing Post-Covid supply/demand issues along with rising costs for shipping. This is also accompanied with long waits for cargo shipping containers and clogged ports, which sometimes causes us to air freight material so that we can supply your company. We are looking forward to the future when this will all go back to normal.

As of 6/23/2021, a new price list will go into effect. Prices are subject to change at any time and will fluctuate based off of raw materials.

Please know that Mason Color will do everything to continue to achieve the lowest prices possible without sacrificing our quality of product. When possible, we will decrease pigment prices as we have done in the past.

Thank you for your continued business and trust in Mason Color Works, Inc.


Eric Davis