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     Mason Color’s high performance pigment technology for coatings provides the ultimate in heat resistance, UV durability, and chemical resistance. Our mixed metal oxide pigments meet the most exacting color and durability requirements of the defense, architectural, stove and heating products, and roofing industries. These pigments add vibrant color to building facades, stove equipment, exhaust parts and outdoor furnishings and equipment. These advanced technology pigments can be incorporated into any coating platform including powder coatings, electrocoat, high solids and waterborne paints.

Mason Color Works has been manufacturing high temperature, inorganic pigments since 1842.

     For more than 40 years Mason Color has been a global supplier of high performance pigments to all sectors of the ceramic industry including pottery, artware, bricks, sanitaryware and roofing materials.

In the last 45 years, Mason Color has expanded into the high technology Investment Casting Industry. Our ISO Compliant Cobalt Aluminate products are integral in the manufacturing jet turbine blades and medical devices.

In the 1990s heralded the emergence of the fireplace gas log industry and Mason Color's participation as a supplier of high quality, high temperature pigments for this use.

Soon thereafter, the Swimming Pool and Spa colorant industry embraced Mason's pigment technology. Our high quality pigment exceed the demands for resistance to punishing UV energy and the aggressive chemicals used in swimming pools.

Our fully outfitted Powder Coating Laboratory and skilled technicians will help you choose the perfect color for your most demanding requirements.
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