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Mango Introduction
Mason Color is proud to announce its newest addition to our lineup of complex inorganic pigments. We would like to introduce 6030 “Mango”. Mango is a very high red valued encapsulated orange like we have never seen in the industry. It has a red value near 50.0, while maintaining a strength value of 53.0 as well as a yellow value of 49.0. It is a very bright and vibrant color addition to our encapsulated line. Mango (6030) is an Inclusion pigment. Its chemical makeup allows it to produce bright, vibrant shades at high temperature firing as well as low temperature firings. Call today and our office staff will be happy to set you up with a small sample of the 6030 Mango for you to test . Thank you for interest in Mason Color and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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