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Mason Color has always offered technical support for glaze defects such as poor surface, crazing,
crawling, color burn-out and other such problems. We intend to continue to help our customers as
much as possible in this area, but we would now like to extend this offer in the form of "Color
Support". This help-line has been added due to our decision to reduce the number of offered pigments
from 160 to 100. We will supply our blend formulas to allow you to continue to make the colors you
developed in the past. When requesting support just mention the old catalog number and the percentage
of stain used and our Color Support personnel will give you the necessary information to make this
color. This information can also be found on this web site.

Color Support does not stop there. We know there are blends that our old palette did not cover, so
we would like to assist you in making your "personal" colors. In the past we referred to "Pantone"
swatches or your actual fired samples to assist you, and we will still need some reference point for
this process to run smoothly. Mason Color is confident that this will be a smooth transition. Simply
contact Mike or Vince and they will do their best to help you with your difficulties.

Now you can view and download our Safety Data Sheets online.

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